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[AMPS] Rain Static

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Subject: [AMPS] Rain Static
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Date: Fri, 28 Sep 2001 05:31:42 -0700
>G'day All,
>I know it's not the correct forum for this question but I also know that 
>there are some clever people here who will know the answer.
>I'm listening on 20m at the moment and my antenna is a 3 element triband 
>yagi at 50 ft. It has been raining for the greater part of the day and it's 
>still raining now. The rain static has been driving me crazy.
>Has anybody tried a static discharge resistor, say 1 Meg Ohm at the antenna 
>feedpoint. The static strap I wear on my wrist at work has a similar value 
>resistor and it supposedly discharges any static electricity buildup and 
>protects the equipment I'm working on. Will it work on my antenna?
//   I have a TV antenna that is located inside the attic because my 
house is line-of-sight to Mt. Wilson (TV hill)  in L.A., some 50-miles 
away..  I receive rain static TVI - especially on the lower channels.  My 
guess is that rain static occurs before rain drops hit the ground.   On 
my outdoor radio antennas,  I receive rain static even though I use HV 
bleeder resistors to discharge static buildup, which would otherwise arc 
antenna tuner capacitors.  

cheers, Alek.

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