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[Amps] SELL: Henry 3K Premier

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Subject: [Amps] SELL: Henry 3K Premier
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Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2002 10:51:43 -0400
Offering an absolutely mint Henry 3K Premier 10-160M  floor console
linear amplifier. Runs a single 3CX1200A7 Eimac for 2000W+ output. Has
the heavy duty export power supply factory installed and  rated at
4200VDC@1-1/2a with the step start mod. Original factory operator's
manual.  Operates on 220-240VAC primaries.  Amp lists for $4000+  from 
the Henry factory. $2200 pick up only in the Scranton PA area, New York
City or New Jersey. The amplifier can be seen in its dedicated 40m
position  by dialing in my call (W2CQM) on the site.   Ron

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