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[Amps] meter internal R value, quick and easy.

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Subject: [Amps] meter internal R value, quick and easy.
From: (Guillermo)
Date: Sat, 03 Aug 2002 14:27:50 -0300
skipp isaham escribió:
> Because some (not all) DMM's become unstable when looking
> into inductive reactive loads.  It's a problem to read some
> meter movements, coils/inductors and transformer
> winding resistance with many Digital Multi Meters.
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> Reading transformer windings can become dangerous
> because the auto range circuit often keeps "hunting"
> around for a value/position.  Said hunting can induce
> a rather interesting and dangerous voltage(s) from other
> windings.

        So if one use a no auto range DMM (or just inhibit this function) would
be ok, or not?. Or is there another consideration to take care?.

Best regards
Guillermo - LU8EYW.
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> Even some of my better Fluke brand DMM's hunt
> across inductive loads.
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> cheers
> skipp
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> Why not just measure the resistance of the meter with the Fluke or other
> Digital VOM? I have done it for years and never damaged a meter yet.
> Agreed
> do not use a Simpson 260
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