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Date: Tue, 6 Aug 2002 09:30:20 +0200
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> **  The AL-
1500 (1, 8877) is the only HF amplifier I know of that has no 
> vhf suppressor. [Figure 24.1 on my Web site]

I do not deal with Ham products, but in some medium (line tuned) and 
big power (cavity) VHF amplifiers, ceramic tubes from YC236 (8877) to 
much larger ones in Gg there's no trace of classical supppressors, 
better to say, there's no coil (line) with (any) resistor.

My HF Amplifiers with low feeedback ceramic tubes have no suppressors 
unless that using a 3CX1200A7. 

Mauri I4JMY

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