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[Amps] recommendations please

To: <>
Subject: [Amps] recommendations please
From: (Larry Kayser)
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2002 16:28:11 -0400

A small issue here, I make 360 transmissions per day at this time, 5 
seconds long per minute.  In the future I may go to 24x7 operation when I 
can process all the collected data...

I am using an ancient SB 220 and have been running it locked ON for each 1 
hour session of 60 transmissions.  It would be a simple program change to 
key it up each minute 1 second before and unkey it one second after each 5 
second transmission.

My question - which is best for the tubes which are the expensive part of 
the operation.  I can replace relays much easier than tubes hi.  I can see 
some reasons to go either way, but there may be an important reason I have 
not thought of.


PS, The application is in the scientific side of amateur radio and of no 
interest here.

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