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From: Michael Walker" < (Michael Walker)
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 09:40:39 -0400
OK, I know this is way way off topic, but I have to respond.

I've used dozens, but I ultimately ended up with a Nikon D1 Professional
unit (body only approx $2500 US Used), but it shots as fast as I want and
the images are absolutely amazing to 11x17".

But, that is not reality.

You need to ask what are you going to use it for?  If it is for web pages,
then any  camera will do as you only need 75dpi and 30k images.  Do you want
to make movies?  Is battery consumption important?  How much memory does it
come with?  Have a look at

If you printing, then the best you are going to do will be maybe 5x7" for
any camera in the $500 US range.  Make sure you buy it from a reputable
dealer (do not do mail order).  That way you can ask a lot of questions and
get a lot of personal hands on support.  Trust your sales person, they see
all the cameras and talk to a lot of customers.  They are the experts.

Some of these units are pretty technically complex and flexible.  Make sure
that you can understand the user features and that your wife can as well.
:-)  If you VCR flashes 12:00, then you might be in trouble.  :-)

My way off topic 2 Canadian Cents...

Mike VA3MW

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> Steve Thompson wrote:
> >On Thursday 22 August 2002 09:33, Ian White, G3SEK wrote:
> >snip
> >> SLR would be nice, but you'll pay a lot for it. The LCD display on a
> >> digital camera is almost as good as SLR, except that it doesn't work in
> >> sunlight... so then you're back to the cheap offset viewfinder.
> >Don't know if things have changed in the time since I got mine, but heavy
> >of the built in display wipes the batteries very quickly - I suspect
> >why a lot of the other users commented on liking the SLR.
> Yes, that's true - but you pay heavily for the SLR feature. In digital
> cameras, SLR tends to be associated with a range of other 'professional'
> features which kick the whole camera up into a much higher price range.
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