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[Amps] bangs in 3cx800

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Subject: [Amps] bangs in 3cx800
From: (Steve M)
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2002 14:11:55 -0500
I'm here to learn too. I found the manual to be very thorough. Maybe they
are just being honest. I see no obvious reason why the AL 800H design has
anything to do with an Eimac 3cx800 banging.
       Maybe it has a glitch resistor to help it survive. I can't remember.
Plate v was 2300-2400 when this happened. To the amp's credit, it survived
with no shrapnel or damage other than one 1N4001 diode on the qsk board.
        This failure did not disable the amp--only made grid current read
too high--although still within tube limits.
    To their credit Ameritron also mentions this diode complete with it's
location, [and that it might fail during a bang] in the manual. This saved
me time, phone calls, and or posts to this reflector about fixing it.
      I think other manufacturers should be as forthcoming.
I liked the amp and thought it was a good piece--only sold it to use the
funds on a different toy.

     I don't think the Acom uses a 3cx 800.

Steve  wd0ct

 > >that uses a pair 3cx800. About a minute or so after I first turned it on
> >[nothing hooked to it but the power cord] I heard a very loud bang. So I
> >shut if off and inspected for damage. Nothing found.
> >
> >While reading the manual imagine my surprise to see the bang
> >mentioned, said to not be that uncommon, and not to worry about it unless
> >starts happening often--then replace the tube.
> I'm an appliance operator, here to learn ... but I can't help commenting
> on the above. What kind of an amp manufacturer says "It'll bang sometimes
> when you turn it on; if it happens a lot, replace the $350 tube."?
> Apparently the answer to that is Ameritron. Is this a common practice??
> My ACOM 1000 manual certainly says no such thing ... nor does the amp make
> any noises at all.
> 73 Gene N7YW
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