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[Amps] Looking for Opinions

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Subject: [Amps] Looking for Opinions
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Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 08:26:38 -0700
>Hello All,
>Thanks to all of you so far for your feedback on the right amp for me.
>Please keep it coming if you have any other opinions or advice for me.
>IN the meantime, I have heard of an amp locally for a reasonable cost that I
>would like to obtain some information about.  It is the AEA LA-30.  I know
>AEA is no longer in business but wonder if anyone knows of this amp, its
>quality, reliability, parts availability, etc?  It runs a single 3-500Z.
**    AEA found they had a high return rate on the LA-30.  Since the 
returned units exhibited the symptoms of intermittent VHF instability 
described in the October, 1988 _QST_.  they began retrofitting low VHF-Q 
parasitic suppressors in returned units.

-  R. L. Measures, a.k.a. Rich..., 805.386.3734,AG6K,  

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