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Heater volts, was RE: [Amps] Which 3-500Z

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Subject: Heater volts, was RE: [Amps] Which 3-500Z
From: (Martin Sole)
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 19:01:37 +0700
Hi Rich,

No it's 50Hz. Being an ex British colony they have kept much from that
time. Actually they are one of the few places I'm aware of that use the
UK square three pin AC plugs and sockets, in addition to UK that is, the
only other one I know of being Hong Kong.

Actually they are quite a few steps ahead of the rest of the planet in
some things. Every home has a minimum 256K always on internet connection
for example.

73's fm Bangkok, where we still have to make do with dial up
Martin de HS0/G4UQF

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Maybe Singapore is now in step with most of the planet.

>'Singapore where they have 100v/200v, 50Hz'
>Really?, I was there last week and it measured 236V (ish).

Is it 60Hz?

>Seem to
>remember it's always been about that but I can only go back about 14 
>years. I recall JA as being a nominal 100V though.
>Never knew they made Henry's in 9V. I go down there every couple of 
>months or so. But I bet there's nothing left to say they were ever 

>Martin de HS0/G4UQF
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>The voltage on  1kd-5 and 2kd-5 filaments would be c. 5v in Singapore
>where they have 100v/200v, 50Hz..  As understand it, both amps were mfg

>in Singapore.
>>When I had a 2KD5 many years ago, even its filament voltage was too
>>high with the normal 240V operating primary tap.  What were they 
>>thinking?  (It was probably just about right for operating in VK with 
>>265V line voltage...) -WB2WIK/6
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