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Subject: [Amps] Components for Sale
Date: Sat, 18 Oct 2003 07:15:01 -0400
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a. Mini-Variacs 0-120VAC input 0-132VAC output @ 2 amps. Perfect for
adjusting critical filament voltage on the 8877's, 3-500's, and the
3cx1200A7's. 3" diameter 2" depth. Shaft mounted. Includes  1/4" shaft
lock. Good idea to install pinouts and an outboard meter to continually
monitor filament voltage.  $18+ shipping

b. 5 amp 120VAC Variac. 0-135VAC output @ 5 amps. 3 hole front panel
mount. 5" diameter 3-1/2" depth. Additional fixed taps for 20 and 37VAC.
$25+ shipping

c. Potted Thermador 7-1/2VCT @ 25 amp filament xmfr. Accommodates the
4-000 A and the 3cx1200A7. 110/115/120VAc input.  $55+ shipping

d. Hallicrafters HT33 multi-tap filament/screen transformer. Long leads
ready to drop in. $20+ shipping.

e.  Super quality porcelain supported, silver plated  700w++   tank
circuit complete with coils for 10-80m, antenna and plate tune caps, and
porcelain bandswitch. Unit removed intact with no cut wires. Drill three
horizontal front panel holes and shaft mount the entire assembly.  $55+

f. Complete Heath SB200 tank circuit removed intact with no cut wires and
ready to drop in. Complete with 10-80m tank coil(s), plate tune
capacitor, bandswitch, main bandswitch shaft, complete tuned input with
tandem bandswitch, mica blocking capacitor, and a set of parasitic
chokes. Clean no burn marks. Will handle 600-700W output with ease. $60+

g. Complete Hallicrafters HT33  tank circuit removed intact, no cut wires
with bandswitch, plate tune capacitor , SK700 sockets, 3cx300A tubes
(condx unknown one looks new; one smoked) SK606 ceramic chimneys,  
tuned input cirucit,and complete antenna tune capacitor bank. Will handle
1KW output with ease.  This is a complete assembly with all components
attached. $100+shipping 

h. Offering for sale a near mint Heath SB610 monitor scope. Tested and
functioning perfectly.  No bangs, dents dings or abrasions. Clean in and
out. $140+ shipping 

i. Offering a near mint 6m dedicated  Heath SB200 with a pair of near new
Cetron 572B's. Runs 600Watts output w/75w of drive. 700W with 100w of
drive.  Recapped with new low profile 330/450 Nichicons and a solid state
exciter fully compatible antenna relay circuit.  Wired for 220VAC
(preferred) but can work on 115VAC with  simple rewiring.  $525+ shipping
Ron W2CQM/3

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