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[Amps] For Sale New Emtron DX-3

Subject: [Amps] For Sale New Emtron DX-3
From: "Thomas Hix" <>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 12:25:59 -0500
List-post: <>
I am forced to sell my brand new (Jan 22nd) Emtron DX-3 amp.

This amp was delivered on Jan 22 of 2004. It still has 3 years and 9 months of factory warranty. It has less than 150 hours of on time since Jan. 22nd.

This amp is as new, it does not have a blemish of any kind on it is perfect.

The amp will do 1500 watts with 25 watts of drive, and 2500 watts with 35 watts of drive, and 3kw with about 50 watts of drive. That is as far as I have taken the amp because I dont know how much power my dummy load will carry before it blows up.

I tell you this amp is a MONSTER! it really does a great job.
One thing I really like about this GIANT of an amp is the fact that it is so quiet. When you drive some legal limit amps to their rated power, a lot of them will "groan" and "moan", and sound as if they are just about to fly apart, but with the cant tell the difference between 2500 watts out, and standby. It just does not make any noise other than the fan which is entirely normal in range. You can tell by the sound that this amp is made to last. No moans no groans, no reduction of fan speed, no nothing.....just sits there and purrs along like a big fat cat.

I cant tell you enough about what a great amp this is.

I CAN NOT ship this amp, PICK UP ONLY. With Payment in Cash. It is just too risky to ship a big amp like this, and besides, I am a handicapped person, and I just can not pack the amp for shipping. It is just too heavy for a person in a wheelchair to pick up. So, whoever buys it will have to come to Boaz Alabama and pick it up.

Boaz is 15 miles north of Gadsden Al. on hwy 431. 65 mi north of Birmingham and 40 mi south of Huntsville.

I also have a spare $500 control board for the amp. just in case it should ever need one. The control board is the heart of the amp......Being an overly cautious kind of person, I dont like to take any chances that maybe the control board may become unobtainable some day, so that is why I went ahead and bought a spare at the same time I bought the amp......More than likely it will never be needed, but better to have and not need than to need and not have. I will also be willing to sell the buyer a spare gu78b tube at a substantial savings when compared to my published tube price in both my CQ and QST magazine ads for my Tom's Tubes website.

A new DX-3 will cost you right at $6700.00 by the time you pay shipping cost and customs cost. With the additional control boards the price raises to $7200.00 all in.....My Price for the Emtron DX-3 and the spare, new control board is $5500.00. That is $1700.00 savings!!!! I know $5500.00 is a lot of money to pay for an amp, but if you really think about it, it's more of an investment than just a purchase. This amp is built so well, and is such a quality item that, with the spare control board, more than likely, it will give you a lifetime of worry free service. I can assure you my amp is just as good as any amp just off the boat....even better, you know mine works 100% and it has no problems. When you buy an amp from overseas, sometimes the shipping takes a toll on the amp, and by the time they arrive, they have problems.....with this amp, you dont have that to worry with. It works exactly as it should, and you can come here and see it in operation. My price is firm and the transaction must be in checks or money orders, just the long green...hi hi. I dont want to have to worry with these overseas scam artist that will indubitably tell me they are going to buy it, and will be sending me a bank cashiers check.....and will send by their Representative to pick up the amp, and deliver my (phony) cashiers check. I am wise to those guys.

You may be wondering why anyone would sell a new amp that they just received if nothing is wrong with it, well my problem is a huge hospital bill. My insurance paid most of the bill, but I still owe a lot of money from my own pocket, so that is why I am selling.

You will never find a DX-3 better than this one.


Tom Hix....W4TH

Tom's Tubes: Specializing in Amateur Radio Amplifier Tubes/Sockets & G3SEK Tetrode/Triode Boards & Kits

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