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[Amps] Socket Care and feeding

Subject: [Amps] Socket Care and feeding
Date: Sun, 11 Dec 2005 02:52:36 +0000
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I recently obtained a used socket for an amplifier project I'm about to work on 
and have a few questions for the list.

First, though the socket has alot of miles on it it looks in very good shape. 
It does have have its fair share of dirt and tarnish and I would like to know 
the best way to remove it without adversely affecting the socket.

I know that tarnish remover can be purchased from a nearby hardware store but 
seeing that such solutions work chemically I would expect even small amounts of 
residue to exhibit corrosive properties for a long time. Does anyone know if 
there are agents to render tarnish removers chemically inert ? With such 
material tarnish remover could be used.

As to abrasive cleaning agents I would have concerns about what long term 
damage could be done if the wrong material is used. Any input there ?

As to the finger stock of the socket I have obtained, from what I can see it is 
in very good shape. None of the fingers are pitted but as with the rest of the 
socket they to have quite a bit of oxidation and and dirt. I know that finger 
stock can be purchased from Eimac but is it worth the time and expense to 
replace it ? I could just as easily pick up a can of De-Oxit and a bunch of 
Q-Tips and go at it while I'm watching a football game next week. Is there any 
reason not to use De-Oxit as it is manufactured expressly for the purpose of 
cleaning electrical contacts ?

Bob W6AH ex-K1TA
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