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Re: [Amps] Does Santa Claus have a junkbox?

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Does Santa Claus have a junkbox?
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Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 01:14:23 +0100
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You are a lucky man with only such few parts missing.
I am also busy with 5 or 6 amp projects and a lot more is missing,
by the way also the Comet CV03C-1000 and the small fixed version around
by Comet or Jennings ;-) 
I could help you out with the 1000pf air variable, its a 970pf continous
with 0.8-1mm plate spacing, will measure the phyical size tomorrow

Happy holidays to everbody


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Subject: [Amps] Does Santa Claus have a junkbox?

  I was reviewing the missing pieces lists for some 5 amplifier projects
here and it looks like I'm only short one or two parts to complete each.
This happenstance must be a corollary of Murphy's law!  :-)

  If you happen to know Santa's email, please forward the following list:

 Centralab 2500 series, type PISD (10 position progressive shorting) or UD
(11 position) ceramic switch wafers.  (1-5/8" x 1-7/8" diameter).  Need 2

 Comet CV03C-1000 or CV03C-1400,  1000pF or 1400pF vacuum variable
capacitors;  Several shaft options (trailing letter) are acceptable.  Comet
recently changed the numbers on these but, I don't think that the new ones
(with reallllly confusing designations!) would be present yet on the
secondary market.  Jennings CMV1-1000 with a 1/4" shaft also a possiblity.
I can also make do with their old spline drive version if the pricing is
commensurate. Need 2 (guaranteed) working (good vacuum & alignment) parts.
 Comet CV01C-250G-10KV,  250pF 10KV vacuum variable capacitor. Need one
(guaranteed) working (good vacuum & alignment) part

 Comet MC1C-250 or 300pF, 15KV fixed vacuum capacitors.  Need two
(guaranteed) working (good vacuum & alignment) parts.

 Jennings Y1 (or CY-1), 1pF fixed, vacuum caps; prefer glass over ceramic,
they're cuter!  Seeking three parts.

 A 1000pF or greater, physically small air variable -- 2.5" hi max.
including plate travel.  Prefer continuous rotation.  A General Radio 1421-K
would be fine!  :-)

73 & Happy Holidays!
  Marv WC6W


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