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[Amps] Henry 4K Ultra

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Subject: [Amps] Henry 4K Ultra
From: "Bob Maser" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 01:21:58 -0500
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I am still wrestling with the alignment of my 4KU.  I am told that the 4KU's 
that were sold to the military were supplied with a "Service Manual" that 
had much more info regarding how to set up the gang tuned circuitry that is 
adjusted as the Tune control is turned.  The regular Operating and 
Maintenance manual that accompanied the civilian amps did not cover this.  I 
would really like to hear from someone that has this info.  I suspect that 
Henry did not use 300 ohms as the intermediate impedance between the Pi and 
the L of the tank circuit.  The reason I think this is because when I set up 
the L inductor for a specific band, it does not track properly as the 
frequency is changed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Bob  W6TR 

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