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Re: [Amps] ORC Transformer

Subject: Re: [Amps] ORC Transformer
Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 21:53:46 EST
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Many thanks to W7HPW, K5GW, K6KWQ, K5PC, AF5B, and WB4BRA- your advice was 
right on, and I have the transformer working.  230 VAC between the 60 Hz and 
V primary taps yields 1160 VAC out from the 60 Hz and 1160 V secondary taps.  
Incidently, using the 50 Hz secondary tap instead yields about 1350 VAC.

The Amps group is great!

73 and best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year,

Lee, KI7UR

In a message dated 12/27/2005 9:18:06 PM Mountain Standard Time, writes: 
> Hello, Lee, I am not a list member, but a regular reader, and hope you 
> do not mind my
> contacting you directly.  I also got one of the ebay ORC transformers 
> and am tickled pink to
> have it.
> Primary-wise hooking up the "beast" should be very easy.  One side of 
> the single phase
> 230v goes to the "60 hz" connection (your #2), the other goes to the 
> 230v terminal,
> (your #8).  There is no way to hook this xfmr up for 115v.
> Secondary connections are again between the "60 hz"  terminal (your  
> #B") and the  "1165"
> terminal  (your #C). 
> 230v in should yield 1165 v out RMS.  Your measurements were helpful in 
> validating my
> earlier guesses.  There would probably be no harm in using the "50hz" 
> connections to make
> some minor adjustments to the output voltage.
> This appears to be a very solid unit with low secondary resistance, 
> ideal for doubler duty
> at the 3KV/2+KVA level.  At 70 lbs., it's not very portable, however!
> Feel free to share my comments with the reflector.  I am also interested 
> in learning as much
> as I can about applying this unit.
> Dave    AF5B      Dallas
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