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[Amps] henry conversion

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Subject: [Amps] henry conversion
From: tim jenkins <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 11:03:55 -0400
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well starting the henry conversion this week, thought i would put 4k on the 
plate but have seen that some say stay below 4k with the 35b , the last one i 
did with same tube was 3.6k on plate . also going to or want to seperate the rf 
deck and pwr sply, i ve never done one seperated but first time for everything, 
well almost everything anyway. thought about doing a cw and ssb voltage switch 
something like the 220 does, although ill never use cw anyway but whoever winds 
up with it might, just something else to add i guess. seems like its been kinda 
blaza here latley and hope i didnt missspell any words ,hihi, u guys are 
alright . not posted anything latley, just reading all the stuff as it comes in 
mostly in am . 73 for now kv4bk@ amps4u in tn.

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