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Re: [Amps] buying MRF-150's

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Subject: Re: [Amps] buying MRF-150's
From: "Dan Levin" <>
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2006 19:33:36 -0700
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Well, I'm wouldn't say that RF Parts is as good a place as any if you care
about price, and I don't know if they really match parts or just match lot
numbers like CCI does.

Richardson Electronics ( is cheaper than RF Parts, maintains
stock, and has "real" (i.e. they will actually measure stuff in a lab, not
just match up lot numbers) matching capability.  They also carry very nifty
high wattage resistors for those attenuator and terminator needs.

RFMW ( is cheaper than Richardson, and also has real matching
capability.  They likely have a pair in stock, but don't seem to keep as
much inventory as RELL does (RELL buys something like 25,000 at a time).

                          ***dan, K6IF

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