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Re: [Amps] FS - AL1200 resuscitation candidate

To: "George Watson" <>
Subject: Re: [Amps] FS - AL1200 resuscitation candidate
From: R L Measures <>
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 02:07:07 -0700
List-post: <>
On Jun 2, 2006, at 1:01 PM, George Watson wrote:

> I have an Ameritron AL1200 that a friend dropped on me which needs  
> a bit of
> work and can likely be put back on the air.
> First the positives:
> 1. It powers up and the HV appears to be sound.
> 2. The tube appears to be good. I have run it up to about a KW  
> briefly on
> 20, 40, and 80.
> Now the negatives:
> 1. The meter board has problems, the HV metering works, but the Ip  
> metering
> has been intermittent. It has some burned components on it which  
> continue to
> self digest.
> 2. The T/R relay is out. My friend wired it for an external one.
> 3. The Tune cap is pitted pretty badly and has some slagged edges.  
> It arcs
> on the higher bands especially here at 2500m above sea level. It  
> will need
> replacement.

Tune caps can intermittently arc from intermittent regeneration in  
the region c. 100MHz -- and burned current-metering components go  
hand in hand with intermittent arcing.  Replacement is usually not  
necessary if one uses a small flat file to smooth things up.  An air- 
variable Tune-C can look like hell and yet work well.

Does this AL-1200 have "neutralization" circuitry?

> 4. The bandswitch may be miswired.

Missing contacts from intermittent arcing are more likely.  Ameritron  
is a good source of replacement bandswitches.
> I think that about covers it. I would like $375.00 OBO + shipping  
> which will
> be expensive.

$375 is a good price if the 3cx1200A7 is still usuable.

> I will break the amp into three boxes, one for the chassis,
> one for the transformer and one for the tube. I will have to purchase
> suitable packing material.
> Make no mistake, this is a restoration project of an amp with a not- 
> too
> certain history. From what I can tell, its fundamentals are sound.  
> I simply
> don't need the amp for operating and I don't have time (despite all  
> good
> intentions) to do the restoration.
> If I do not get a reasonable offer by 1800MDT, Sunday, I will plop  
> the beast
> on E-bay.
> Thx es 73 de K0IW
> George K. Watson
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