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[Amps] Anyone Recognize These Components?

Subject: [Amps] Anyone Recognize These Components?
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Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 11:43:06 GMT
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I recently purchased an early (Pre MFJ) inoperable Ameritron AL1200 amplifier 
realizing full well that it was extensively modified with components and 
circuit alterations that would be difficult to decipher. Hopefully, there's 
someone out there that can identify the two part component board depicted in 
the digital before I remove it. The PC board appears to be professionally 
etched. There is no antenna changeover relay and the large black coax wire in 
the foreground connects directly from the pi-net output to the antenna output 
SO239. Lots of cut wires and no recognizable method for bias control. I would 
cautiously assume that this is some method of pin diode control. The amp is not 
functioning for a variety of reasons so it's impossible to assess if this 
circuit was working or simply a failed attempt at some modification. All the 
mods appears to be in the antenna changeover circuit Any comments would be 
appreciated. Ron W2CQM/3 

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