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Re: [Amps] Friedrichshaven - a new toy

To: Phil Clements <>,'Pete Stark' <>,'Theo Bellamy' <>,
Subject: Re: [Amps] Friedrichshaven - a new toy
From: Peter Chadwick <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 16:56:04 +0200 (CEST)
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Phil said:
>If the price of 2400 Euros stated in the ad is still current, the price in
U.S. dollars would be $3012.33.<
Is there customs duty, sales taxes, etc., to pay over and above that?
One supposes that US Type Approval doesn't come cheap, but I don't understand 
why, with the FCC proposal to get rid of the 'no 10 meter' rule, third party 
Type Approval  is necessary. It isn't required any longer in Europe.
Peter G3RZP
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