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Subject: Re: [Amps] IM distortion and such
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As a private pilot I can tell you the aircraft manuals contain lots of limitations based on the test pilots recommendations. One for example is the "Maximum demonstrated crosswind" numbers...which just mean that was the maximum the airframe was tested to...that doesn't mean you cannot land in a higher crosswind, it just means if you attempt it you have become the test pilot...with all the rights and responsibilities thereof. In an airplane there is a lot at risk, on the operation of a tube not so much at risk.($$$) Thorough testing with proper equipment would be recommended to be sure one is not wreaking havoc up and down the band would be in order. A spare tube might be handy too!

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The Wright brothers are glad they didn't have an engineer
with similar caution.
Remember that experiment trumps theory EVERY, EVERY time.
You can only prove how fast she goes by actual testing.
Theory is only a starting point...prove it in actual


Subject: Re: [Amps] IM distortion and such


Sure, you can run over the rated current temporarily, but to
advise one to do so sets you up for liability. I can not
tell someone to operate a tube outside the published curves.
What if I did, then they turned the tube in, and the
manufacturer refused to replace it after they told them I
recommended doing that? The person then could come back on
me for the costs incurred. That is a very possible scenario!
I will not recommend to anyone on this list to ever run a
tube outside the listed curves or maximum ratings. That's
one of the first things I learned when working in
engineering. Never say something will do more than the
published ratings. If I had where I worked as an engineer,
I'd have been fired or severely disciplined for doing it.

Your missing the whole point I'm trying to make, I guess, as
I'm not alluding to anything about the published Ameritron
rating, or what has happened in the past. This is just the
way any working engineer should advise anyone with a
question concerning maximum ratings and published curves.



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