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Re: [Amps] L-4B connector

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Subject: Re: [Amps] L-4B connector
From: "Will Matney" <>
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 21:53:49 -0400
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Yes, those are Cinch Jones and are available from Mouser and Allied 
Electronics. They have different styles according to how the pins are turned so 
they'll only plug together a certain way. I'd look for Cinch or Cinch Jones at 
ebay first as it will most likely be the cheapest. These are still being made 
and are the 300 series of connectors. The one with 8 pins is a 308. It has 4 
horizontal and 4 vertical pins.



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On 6/27/06 at 1:25 AM Tom Sessions wrote:

>Thanks for your reply.  I will search ebay.
>Mine is the square type with FLAT terminals.
>Tom K4RV
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>I've seen both the 8 and 11 pins on ebay with ready made cords out of
>cable which most used. I think they're wired for Heathkit stuff though,
>the guy has single connectors also. I can't remember who made these as you 
>can't hardly find them now. The square types with the flat terminlas are 
>made by Cinch and available everywhere. If I recall, your's is the round 
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>On 6/27/06 at 12:25 AM Tom Sessions wrote:
>>I need a connector for my L-4B power supply, the one for the end of the
>>that plugs onto the back of the L-4B.  It has eight terminals.
>>(1) Anybody got a spare for sale?
>>(2) Where can one be obtained?
>>Tom K4RV
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