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Re: [Amps] RM ITALY HLA-150V

Subject: Re: [Amps] RM ITALY HLA-150V
From: "Will Matney" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 18:44:00 -0400
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Alek and Dennis,

Zetagi and RM are into business together, and their main customer is the CBr's. 
Their ratings can not be believed. The quality of construction of the ones I've 
actually had open were far from being good. The power transistors were put down 
with self-tapping screws. This raised the aluminum heatsink up around the screw 
and lifted the transistors up off the heatsink. All they did was put a big gob 
of silicone there to bridge it. Without the flat surface, the transistor can 
not dissipate the heat to the heatsink, and they will burn out prematurely. 
Another thing is the quality of their PC boards. They use a paper type PC board 
which is bad to warp, and the traces are badly undersized in some. They are 
mass produced to be sold cheaply to the CB markets.



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On 6/28/06 at 6:30 AM Alek Petkovic wrote:

>If they are anything like Zetagi amps from Italy, they are a bit generous 
>with their power ratings.
>Zetagi's B550 amp is rated at 600W out. It uses (from memory) 4 x MRF455. 
>According to the transistor specs, they are good for 55W out each. The 550 
>that I had for a short while was good for 180 -200 Watts out.
>Good luck with the RM
>At 06:50 PM 27/06/2006, wrote:
>>Hello dear all from Athens, Greece!
>>I am just about to buy a linear amplifier made by RM ITALY model HLA-150V.
>>According to the specifications it can output 250W CW (I QRV mostly in CW,
>>rarely at SSB, hi) with 15W in.
>>Anyone having used this amp for CW? Any opinions?
>>Thank you and 73!
>>Dennis - SV1CDN.
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