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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 19:52:17 -0700
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The 7/16 in a 7-16 DIN connector is not inches. The center pin is
actually 7MM in diameter. The inside of the connector is approximately
16 MM. A 7-16 DIN connector was devolved for/under the DIN 47223

Please see:

They are designed for low return loss (SWR) and high frequency. Up to
7.5 GHz. They also have a low PIM (passive inter modulation) They were
developed for the demanding wireless industry.

DX engineering makes one that is rated at 10 KW with N connectors. 

Array Solutions also makes a 10-20 KW model.  

Why would you need a switch that handles this much power?

Jim W7RY

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Subject: [Amps] QRO Coax Switches

Anyone know of a source for coax switches capable of handling "above
average power"?

7/16" DIN connectors would be a plus.

Barrie, W7ALW, DN36au,
QRV 6M, 432 & 1296 EME
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