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Subject: Re: [Amps] Dentron 1200L
From: "Dan Hearn" <>
Date: Sun, 1 Jul 2007 10:04:39 -0700
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Hi Troy. The amp has an internal relay which needs to be closed to amplify
the 570D output. The back contacts of this relay bypass the amp sending the
570D output thru to the antenna. It makes no difference whether the amp is
turned on or not that is what happens. The relay must be closed to send the
570D output to the amp input and connect the antenna to the amp output. The
Relay terminal on the amp needs to be shorted to pull in the amp relay and
transmit using the amp. Some people use a foot switch to short those relay
terminals when they want to transmit. Others use a connector on the rear of
their transceiver to do the job. There is one caution here. On many xcvrs
their internal switching circuit has a maximum voltage and current it can
handle. You need to check this in your manual. Many of the older amplifiers
use an internal relay with a coil voltage of 100 volts or so and the xcvr
switching circuit may be damaged trying to use this setup. If that is the
case in your xcvr/amp then you may need something between the two.
73, Dan, N5AR

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First of all let me say I have never owned a amp before now. I never thought
I needed one. I purchased a Dentron 1200-L Off of ebay a few weeks back. The
problem I am having is how to hook the amp up. I know this sounds stupid but
I dont have a manual or anything for this amp. I hooked the coax cables up
and selected the band and set the load to 3. I sent out a CW tone and tried
tuning the thing but nothing on the meter changed. The plate voltage still
says 1800 and any selector I change nothing happens. When I got to transmitt
there is no clicking in the amp or anything. I dont have a power meter at
this time but I dont think nothing is going out of the amp. Do I need to
hook anyhting else up..Relay-Alc? I am as lost as a goose in a snow storm. I
am tring to run this amp with a kenwood 570D. Any help would be much
apreciated. I am diasabled and not able to lift this amp around much to work
on it. So that makes things even more difficult. If I do remove the top
cover what should I look for and or test.


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