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HAHAHHAA yeah over thinking power plugs and cords.

You think that power cord on your amp is a 240V cord?  Nope it's a 120V

Because your amp is 120 or 240 selectable is why you have a black & white
cord.  If it was 240 V only it would be a pair of blacks or reds.

However you can make it legal when cranked on 240v and up to code by taping
the exposed portion of the white wire with black electrical tape to mark the


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Subject: [Amps] AC Plugs

Hey let's not overthink this AC plug thing.

When my amplifier is wired for 240 (presently), there are 2 wires
carrying AC from the outlet to the amplifier. Be it Red/White, Red/Black
Black/White, and a Ground (Earth) Green. Depends on the particular
power cord used.

Now if the input to the amplifer is strapped for 120 v. The "hot" lead is
Red or Black
the neutral is white and the Earth is still Green.

ergo- Three wires from the amp to the wall, period.

Now, both my LK-500's have but a SPST switch in the AC input. Kinda not safe
nor legal
when connected for 240 as one side is always energized. ALWAYS UNPLUG BEFORE


ed K0KL
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