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Re: [Amps] SELL: Johnson Bros Verniers

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Subject: Re: [Amps] SELL: Johnson Bros Verniers
From: "EP Swynar" <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2007 16:28:41 -0400
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On 14th July, Carl wrote...

"...Its strange that I only see that poster selling things from his business
and never (never that Ive noticed anyway) contributing to forum discussions.
If selling constantly is not against forum policy then maybe more of us
 should do the same. Ive loads of stuff to thin out".


Personally, I see nothing wrong in posting amplifier-related parts for sale
here whatsoever --- parts availability makes homebrewing possible, and
what's wrong with that?

I've seen the other side of the coin, too, wherein guys lament that
so-and-so has posted things on "...ePAY". I think sellers do us all a
service by listing things here, first, and I hope it continues...

...And I'd certainly like to know what goodies YOU might have stashed away
there, Carl, waiting to be put on the open market!

Hope to see a listing along those lines here from you soon...

~73!~ Eddy VE3CUI - VE3XZ

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