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[Amps] Correcting Johnson to Jackson (Verniers)

Subject: [Amps] Correcting Johnson to Jackson (Verniers)
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Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 02:34:14 GMT
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Many thanks to those several individuals who took the time to point 
out my inadvertent posting error of substituting "Johnson" 
for "Jackson" when ascribing the name of an English manufacturer to a 
pair of quality  verniers posted for sale.  It was, admittedly, an 
egregious error and I sincerely apologize if I offended anyone's 
sensibilities.  However, there were several more astute individuals  
who responded to the posting and recognized from both the description 
and the digital exactly what was offered. Interestingly, no misnomer 
issue was raised  by those interested in purchasing the items for 
their project. In any event, the "Johnson's" have been sold. Best 73's 
Ron W2CQM/3 

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