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[Amps] Dummy Load DA-174/GRM-10

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Subject: [Amps] Dummy Load DA-174/GRM-10
From: "Keith Schreiber" <>
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 18:21:07 -0400
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Greetings to the group!

I'm trying to trace down a schematic or any info on the following item :

Dummy Load, Electrical  DA-174/GRM-10

I've not been able to find anything about it on the net.  This gizmo has a 
Simpson 0-10 RF Ammeter on the front, a squirrel cage blower (with switch & 
pilot light) that cools many 20 watt, wire-wound resistors.  These resistors 
are all mounted in a phenolic box, which the blower forces air through, and 
then out the back.  The cabinet is filled with all kinds of fixed inductors and 
850 series doorknob caps.  The dimensions are roughly 9" wide  X  10" high  X  
15" deep.  The input is a female N connector.  The input connector and the 
0-10A RF ammeter are mounted on a 1/4" thick phenolic plate (on the front 
panel.)  The cabinet itself is all aluminum, with screened vents on the left 
side and the rear.  It's gray in color.  The front panel also has a fuse for 
the blower and a black, 5-way binding post for a ground connection, in the 
lower left corner.

This is the first time the web has let me down in finding info on something.  
The only info I was able to find on this item, was it's NSN (National Stock 
Number) :


>From that number, I've seen references that it was made by Rockwell-Collins at 
>some division in Richardson, TX.  I've got a number called a "CAGE" number 
>too.... if that means anything to anybody. (80058)

I'd appreciate any info, that anyone could provide.  Perhaps you used one of 
these in your military days.  I don't even know the frequency range.  It will 
not accept power (SWR=19) and an ohmmeter applied to the center pin of the N 
connector, shows "open" to ground.  No doubt one of the many 20W wire-wound 
resistors that actually make up the load is open.  But the way this thing is 
put together, it's going to be a real chore finding out which one.  Especially 
without a schematic.

Any info on this?  I guess it would be best to reply to my regular e-mail

Thanks & 73 from W8KTH
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