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[Amps] F.S. 2m Kilowatt Tetrode amp

Subject: [Amps] F.S. 2m Kilowatt Tetrode amp
From: Hugh VA3TO <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 21:14:52 -0400
List-post: <>
Homebrew 2m Kilowatt amplifier based on ARRL Handbook construction 
article "A Legal-Limit 2-Meter Tetrode Amplifier". Rated to deliver 1KW 
out for 10 watts in.
Well built; Mechanically ready, needs a bias supply circuit...a good 
candidate for a set of G3SEK's "Tetrode boards" ? HVPS requirement = 3~4 
KV at 1A.
Comes with 5 tubes...One 4CX1000 installed, four spares (one of the 
spares is a 4CX1500). The 1500 and at least one of the 1000's were said 
to be in good condx. I acquired the other 3 "untested" but they could be 
perfectly fine.
I bought this amp with good intentions of finishing it to use for EME 
operation but ended up with an 8877 amp instead.

Pictures available upon request.

Looking for US$550 + shipping or trade for an FT-857D.

Please reply by e-mail.
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