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Re: [Amps] re specs on Rotron 110AS blower

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Subject: Re: [Amps] re specs on Rotron 110AS blower
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Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 17:58:31 -0700
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8877 air need depends on anode diss. and altitude,sheet sez. For 1000w diss
@ sea level needs 22.5cfm and press. drop is o.20 in. H2o. At 10,000 ft
numbers are 32.5cfm and 0.29 in. H20. Air flow is assumed to be base to
anode with SK2200 socket and SK 2216 chimney.
73, Dan, N5AR

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Subject: [Amps] re specs on Rotron 110AS blower

    I have located a Rotron 110AS blower with following specs:  3450 rpm,
115 vac @ 0.2 amps, requires 1 mfd starting capacitor. Now, I need to know
the cfm rating of this blower and is it sufficient to cool an 8877 tube. I
tried a google search for that model but since it dates back quite a few
years, I couldn't find anything on it. Also, I could not find the amount of
air (cfm) required to properly cool an 8877 tube.
    Thanks from Fern

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