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[Amps] Future Amp Buyer Questions

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Subject: [Amps] Future Amp Buyer Questions
Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 16:39:00 +0000
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I am seriously considering buying an amp in the very near future. 
My antenna will be a Steppir BigIR & 80 meter coil both of which are currently 
on order. Wish that I 
could put up a beam but it is impossible in my circumstances (money, trees, 
XYL, etc). The rig will be 
a Flex-5000, also on order. Currently I have a Bencher YA1 low pass filter 
inline along with a 
LP-100 digital wattmeter from N8LP.
BTW I am leaning towards the Ameritron AL-811 or Al-811H mainly based on price 
and reviews on 
One of my reasons for wanting an amp is that the rig I am getting will only put 
out 45 watts on RTTY.
Another is wanting that extra power for times when 100 watts on CW or SSB will 
just not cut it.
However I don?t expect it to be a miracle worker with a vertical.

Anyways here are my questions.
Are there any other amps in this price class that you would suggest?
If the amp is turned off can I transmit through it or is some external 
switching needed? If it is in 
standby can I transmit through it without utilizing the amp?
Are there any good instructions on using a AL-811(H)? on the web? The manual 
from Ameritron is
kind of minimal.
Does anyone on the list have any good tuning or usage tips for these amps?
Is there any advantage to using the AL-811H on 220VAC?
Are there any accessories that I really should get? Are pulsers worth it? Which 
one would you
suggest getting?
Any information on the above will be greatly appreciated!
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