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[Amps] Old GE docs on Radiotrons

Subject: [Amps] Old GE docs on Radiotrons
From: "John Lyles" <>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 15:55:19 -0600
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I was looking through some old GE REVIEW periodicals and found a set of  well 
written articles explaining the theory of vacuum tubes as they knew  them in 
1927. Turns out they knew it pretty well, including Thoriated Tungsten 
filaments and oxide coated filaments. They didn't talk about screen grid tubes  
but did talk about groups of damped waveforms, i.e., radiotelegraphy at the 
time. Amplfiers, HF Oscillators are discussed. 

I don't have a place to post the scanned documents here, but I can email them 
to interested parties. Its in 2 parts, in 2 and 4 Megabyte size roughly. THEORY 
AND CHARACTERISTICS OF RADIOTRONS Parts I and II, by L. Koller of GE Research 
Lab and H. Schroeder of the Edison Lamp Works.  

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