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[Amps] Bird Stuff and More Update

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Subject: [Amps] Bird Stuff and More Update
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Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2008 16:43:20 -0800
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Pricing determined after checking Ebay,, Fair Radio Sales, MGS4U,
Amps postings,, Surplus Sales Nebraska (outrageous pricing, Hi), RF Parts, Henry
radio store on
Ebay, MFJ amp parts, etc. I am well under them.

Bird Stuff:
- 2ea 30 micro amp meter movements- $65 ea
- 1ea cross needle panel meter, fwd,rev,swr. $95
- 1ea dual line section $100
- 1ea single line section $40
- 1ea 500w slug 2-30mhz $60
- 1ea 250w slug 200-500 mhz $40
- 1ea 10w slug 200-500 mhz $35
HD blower w air switch $30
CRL JV series band switches as used in many commercial amps.
- 4 switches plus extra wafers. All for $35
Multitech RF power switches.
- 1 box model 86 switch parts, 1 rotor and 6 wafers, all $45
- 2 ea model 78 new switches, 5- 2 pole decks $40 each
- 1 ea large switch 3pole 6posn no index vy HV. mfr?  $35
HD Power Supply Kit: Can be configured for 2500v,4000v,or 5000v.
- 2 ea  Plate xfmrs 3kva 220-1760vac @ 1.53A , oil filled from BC xmtr, good
  2500vdc ea or 5000vdc the pair bridge rectified or voltage doubler.
4000vdc choke input.
  Rsec 9 ohms, rated sec. ins. 6428vac to gnd.
  Includes bridge rectifier, choke and 2 ea 38mfd 5kv filter caps. $445
Filter caps: 38mfd 5kv 2ea, $40 ea. 1ea 16mfd@7500v $40.
HD Edge Wound Rotary Inductor. 23 microhenry, tunes 1.8mhz with 400pf $130
Vacuum Relays- 17ea. From small high speed QSK types like RJ1H to RJ2B as
used for T/R in
 Henry 3cx3000 amp. SPDT and DPDT types used and new. Prices $25-$100
I hope to have more info up tomorrow on the reflectors.
  I will have this stuff and more at the Puyallup sale this weekend. If any
readers, who are
not going to be at the sale, are interested in purchasing this stuff at the
stated prices plus
shipping cost let me know.
73, Dan, N5AR


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