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[Amps] amp schematic drafting?

Subject: [Amps] amp schematic drafting?
From: Paul Kelley N1BUG <>
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 14:39:39 -0500
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I hope this isn't too far off topic...

Can anyone recommend free or low cost software for drawing tube 
amplifier schematics? I have been searching for some time but 
haven't found anything with a component library well suited to this 
purpose (often missing are such things as variable caps, 
potentiometers, tubes, relays, switches, and other parts common to 
amps). Or do I need to make my own component library to do this?

Many years ago I had built my own component library for some old DOS 
  'paint' type program, which worked well enough. Sadly a series of 
stupid actions on my part resulted in loss of those files long ago.

Paul N1BUG
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