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[Amps] grid bias supply

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Subject: [Amps] grid bias supply
From: "Steve Flood" <>
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Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2008 13:53:55 -0600
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I was looking at an amp design from a 1959 issue of GE Ham News.  Two 813s 
grounded-grid linear.  What makes this design different from the others I've 
looked at is the addition of an adjustable grid bias supply.   What 
functionality does this feature add?  From what I could glean from the text, it 
is used to set the zero-signal plate current to 40 mA for SSB tuneup, and for 
"almost zero" plate current for CW tuneup. Is this amp trying to operate in two 
different classes?

Steve KK7UV 
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