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[Amps] Heath SB1000 issue

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Subject: [Amps] Heath SB1000 issue
From: "Van K7VS" <>
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2008 14:36:14 -0700
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Plate voltage fine, key xmt relay and have about 50 ma. resting current. 
Apply 10 watts drive and the 3-500Z (which looks new!) the plate begins 
turning cherry red.  Didn't have another 3-500Z emiac (other than the pair 
unopened with my unbuilt SB-220!) so I tried a known good 4-400A and had the 
same result with small amount of drive (+-10 watts or so) and in fact the 
entire 4-400 plate lit up red!  About 3200v no load and appox 2900 when 
drive applied.   Any thoughts about possible problem?  Tnx   Van 

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