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Subject: Re: [Amps] DRAKE L7 AMPLIFIERS ON EBAY>>>>
From: "Roger (K8RI)" <>
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 18:39:18 -0400
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DC wrote:
> I don't trust these ebay'ers at all, its money, money, money...
> 73

I've had very good luck on there, but I haven't purchased all that much 

The problem with purchasing amps is of course the tubes. It's a double 
ended problem as there are those who purchase things, pull out what they 
need, replace with parts out of  their unworking model and then return 
the item claiming it doesn't work which is *partially* why there are so 
many "as is. no returns". From the other end is the "like new" amp with 
full output that has barely enough power out to light a light bulb when 
you  get it.  Then you look at the  very high prices of the 3CX400, 
3CX1200, 8877s,and worst of all the PL172s and 8295As used in 
Hallicrafters amps.  A known good, tested 8295A (Ceramic/metal version 
of the PL172) may run $2500 or more with a guarantee. Much less with out 
and still much less untested.
Even purchasing amps at local swaps doesn't bring much assurance the  
tubes are good, but you do physically  get to do a "hands on" 
inspection.  IF you are lucky there *might* be power available to test 
said amp, but that's a rarity. Buying in person seems to give a false 
sense of security (unless the seller is some one you know well) OTOH the 
first rule of business is never do business with family or friends. But 
*usually* standing there with cash in hand will many times coerce the 
seller to come down enough so if the tubes are bad you aren't out all 
that much.

In the case of on-line auctions you look at the seller's history and 
even ask questions on news groups like this one to help put the odds in 
favor of a legitimate deal. As swaps you can ask around "does anybody 
know the guy with the (what ever make and model ) amp for sale and  get 
his call.
As to the amps being discussed it's not uncommon for some one to use the 
same photo to represent both amps, BUT the experienced and legit sellers 
*usually* say, "photo not of actual amp for sale but representative of 
condition" or some such statement.


Roger (K8RI)
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> Subject: Re: [Amps] DRAKE L7 AMPLIFIERS ON EBAY>>>>
>>    Also, I'd noticed that the seller kept saying that all the gear was 
>> brand new unused so I contacted him to remind him that several of the 
>> items were definitely used with scratches on front panels and with a ham 
>> call sign attached to rear of one of the unit. He did reply to me that he 
>> had made some mistakes in his posting descriptions. Some of the gear 
>> appears to have been exposed to high humidity or water with all of the 
>> white markings on the panels.
>>    73 from Fern
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>> Subject: [Amps] DRAKE L7 AMPLIFIERS ON EBAY>>>>
>> You may not have noticed that the photo is the same on both L7 amplifiers. 
>> Not a good thing.
>>  john w9zy
>>  W9ZY
>>                .... Commander John ....

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