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Re: [Amps] Retraction with regard to the SB220

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Retraction with regard to the SB220
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Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008 13:20:42 -0400
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Not a very good way to welcome new people, kind of makes even me feel 

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Retraction with regard to the SB220

> Jeff Carter wrote:
>> Okay, someone just told me I've committed a faux pas.  I've come here
>> to correct myself.
> You being new didn't make any mistakes. We just have some people who are
> too sensitive about some things.  When a newbie asks a question it's not
> the same as an "old timer" who is well known asking  the same thing.
>> There's a subject regarding my two project amps (both SB-220's) that
>> just isn't discussed in public anymore due to some sort of argument
>> that happened long before I ever knew this list existed.  I didn't ask
>> about it to start another fight, I was merely trying to gather
>> information, and for those who were offended, I can only offer my
>> apologies.  I will try to avoid any mention of it in the future and I
>> retract my former mention of the subject.
> You asked only natural questions for someone starting out and
> particularly after looking at what you see in commercial amps.
>> Now that *that's* out of the way, I would absolutely love to visit any
>> links or read anything anyone has to say about their personal
>> experiences with the SB-220, which I am about to spend a lot of money
>> lovingly refurbishing in the attempt to learn something about HF
>> Amplifiers.   Anything, of course, which does not approach That Which
>> We Don't Talk About Anymore.
>   It's always easier to start out rebuilding, or restoring something
> that already works.  Although that is not among your options I think you
> have chosen one of the best projects to start  out with, *dangerous*
> voltages aside and the 220 does indeed contain some very dangerous 
> voltages.
> The SB220 is a very simple, straight forward circuit, while the amps and
> tubes are widely available at reasonable, or even inexpensive prices.
> They make a good restoration or even modification project and it's not
> one so complicated as to cause the builder to  give up in frustration.
> (you should try thousands of hours building or rebuilding an airplane
> that is going to be supporting your backside one or two miles above the
> ground) <g>
> Study the manual, and I'd suggest the ARRL Hanbook sections relating to
> construction, safety, and trouble shooting practices.  Then when ready
> to reassemble, do it in stages.  Starting with the power supply make
> certain the voltages are what they should be.  Be neat and methodical
> and safe.  Remember you will be working with voltages that can kill
> almost instantly.  AND for the just-in-case something goes wrong there
> should be a way of removing the voltage from the amp without someone
> else having to come near it such as a kill switch or even extension cord
> that could be pulled out of the outlet.
> Good luck in your project es 73
> Roger (K8RI)
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Jeff/KD4RBG
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