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Re: [Amps] ALS-600 Blowing Out Finals

Subject: Re: [Amps] ALS-600 Blowing Out Finals
From: Steve Thompson <>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 07:51:50 +0100
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> If your Pro is hitting the ALS-600 with just a 125 watt 
> spike, that's more than 3dB overdrive and could cause a 
> problem for the MRF-150s.  Since your ALS-600 requires only 
> 60 watts of drive, I would be looking to install a 2 dB 
> pad between the T/R relay and the input transformer in the 
> amplifier.  That will allow you to run the transceiver at 
> normal power levels and minimize any spike. 

You might not need to worry about going inside the amplifier. With 
anything other than the smallest antenna and deafest of rigs, 2, 3 
  or even 6dB in the rx path is unlikely to make any difference to 
what you can hear.

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