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Re: [Amps] Zener Diode Needed

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Subject: Re: [Amps] Zener Diode Needed
From: Robert Groh <>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2008 13:42:15 -0700 (PDT)
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Regarding the 2nd point - yes, you can easily put zeners in series. But the 
wattages do not need to be the same necessarily - since they are in series, the 
same current will flow in each one and the power dissipated will be:

Current through the string * voltage of each zener

You can start by calculating the maximum current through the existing zener for 
the power rating (or be conservative and use 1/2 (or less) of the rated power) 
and then use that current to calculate the power dissipation in the 'new' 


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Subject: [Amps] Zener Diode Needed

I need a 5W 56V zener for my Tetrode board.  It is a 1N5370B.  Anyone have 
one that they are not using?
Also, I believe that zeners can be placed in series to achieve higher 
voltage.  Are there caveats to doing this as long as the zeners are the same 

Bob W6TR 

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