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[Amps] Have an AL-811 tune question???

Subject: [Amps] Have an AL-811 tune question???
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2008 23:38:59 EDT
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I have an Ameritron AL-811 Amplifier and before I blow it up I have a  
The instruction manual is not very clear on this issue.
As to the load control, the book says to set it at 4 1/2 at 4.0 MHz.
I find that at 3.983, after I adjust the plate for maximum output I end up  
with the plate control at 5 which is very close to the recommended starting  
point of 5 1/2.
However, I get more output if I turn the Load control down to about 1 with  
the same input power from the exciter.
The question is should I leave the load control at 4 and 1/2 or run it down  
to 1?
I like to run the amplifier at a maximum of 400 watts CW so as not to push  
I can get to that power level easy either way on the load control setting  
and still be within the 200 ma grid current maximum recommend by  Ameritron.
The only difference I notice is that a load control setting of 1 gets me to  
400 watts with less exciter power.
Bottom line is I need a lesson on how to properly tune the amp and proper  
settings of the plate and load controls.
This may be a dumb question to some but I fell better safe and proper  use.

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