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[Amps] Tetrode amplifiers at LHC

Subject: [Amps] Tetrode amplifiers at LHC
From: "John Lyles" <>
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 13:06:45 -0600
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Neat link. Tetrode-based RF drivers and associated ferrite-loaded acceleration 
cavities are the mainstay of most large proton and heavy ion synchrotrons. A 
brand new machine is being operated at KEK-JAERI in Japan, with multiple 500 kW 
tetrode amplifiers using TH558 devices - very large tubes. The CERN PS and PS 
booster are a pair of synchrotrons that provide the particle velocity that then 
travels into the SPS, their super-proton synchrotron. All of these machines 
have been running for years, with some modifications. Being able to sweep 
frequency rapidly, they use DC bias tuning coils on the ferrite cores. The 
amplifiers have either tunable input or broadband design, and the output is 
directly connected to the ferrite-filled resonator via loop(s). In the SPS, 
they use two huge amplifier arrangements, each having 4 combined 125 kW Thales 
(formerly Seimens) tetrodes, type RS2004J, driven by one. With this they get 
about 500 kW of CW power at 200 MHz.  These two are combined to
  get one
output even higher power. 

They also use big Klystrons at CERN in the actual LHC ring, the big one we hear 
about a lot these days. 

If you want to still work with high power tubes, big science is one of the few 
places still needing that technology (besides radar/military). 


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> It's still reasuring that the new LHC at CERN uses Tetrodes.
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