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Subject: Re: [Amps] digital wattmeter
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2008 07:59:09 EDT
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Steve....agreed and I know about the accuracy over and above a flat SWR,  but 
my primary reason was for testing into a Dummy load (Bird Dummy load).   I 
wanted the digital readout for easy reading of power for video purposes.   
Trying to read the hash marks on an analog meter while watching a video is  
difficult.  Being able to look at a digital watt meter during a video is a  lot 
easier for the viewer.  Not only for a key down reading of power  output, but 
digital meter will hold the highest PEP power in a series of  syllables.  
Eventually I will be posting a video on YOU TUBE.  When I  do I will put the 
here for those of you to view.  I e-mailed N8LP  about buying an LP-100A.  I 
had an overwhelming response form most of you  in favor of this unit.  I dare 
not disagree with some of those who e-mailed  me personally on the question I 
posted.  I am sure the other meters are  just as good, but I went with the 
majority.  Again, thanks to everyone who  offered there rsponse to my question. 

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