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[Amps] Amp conversion to 222MHz

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Subject: [Amps] Amp conversion to 222MHz
From: "Larry" <>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 22:05:39 -0400
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  I was wondering what it would take to convert a Gonset 903A from 144 to
222MHz? Since I already have a 144MHz amp, and the Gonset has risen from the
dead, is this even possible? Quickly looking at a mod for the AM-6154/5
amps, they remove just about all caps from around the tube socket. The
Gonset doesn't have this setup, and with my skills right now only being good
enough to replace existing parts, I'm looking to the list for any ideas you
may have. I could keep it as it was designed and use it just as a backup,
but I'm still in the tinkering mood! Would it be just a simple "change these
component values to this, and eliminate these couple of components", or
would I need to replace the grid & plate caps as well? Any thoughts are
welcome. 73's for now... Larry

PS - Would anyone on the list be interested in what I needed to replace in
this amp for their own knowledge? I could put together a small report on the
project - especially since there's almost no help available on the web for
some reason. Either they're all still working, or they've been sold for

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