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Subject: Re: [Amps] old mags
From: "Bill, W6WRT" <>
Date: Fri, 02 Oct 2009 17:30:05 -0700
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On Wed, 30 Sep 2009 22:47:59 +0000 (UTC), Paul Decker <> wrote:

>I'm mounting some parts in my home-brew 6m amp this weekend.  I've seen a 
>number of pictures and other commercial amps and most that I have seen have 
>the plate and load caps mounted on a pedestal above the floor of the rf 
>deck.   I'm wondering if there is a reason for this, perhaps mutual 
>inductance/capacitance between the variable caps and the floor of the rf 
>deck?   Mechanically, it would be easy to mount them right on the floor, is 
>that OK?    opinions? 


One reason for dong this is so they can connect the cold side of the caps
directly back to the common point at the tube socket without having the currents
flow through the chassis. Sometimes this is important, sometimes not, depending
on whether these ground currents would affect any other parts of the circuit(s).

I did it this way in my homebrew HF amp and it works well, although it probably
would have worked well anyway. It's sort of a peace of mind issue.  :-)

73, Bill W6WRT

73, Bill W6WRT
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