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Re: [Amps] Vernier knobs?

Subject: Re: [Amps] Vernier knobs?
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2009 14:27:22 EDT
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It sounds like for what you are looking for you will have to make
something up from parts. A vernier knob turns counter with a  center
knob marked with perhaps a degree wheel to count the increments
of each turn and a larger separate outer circumference dial that turns more 
slowly to count the individual turns 1-2-3 etc.
If such a turns counter was availiable these days I'm sure the  seller would
want a ridiculous price for one IE Surplus Sales of Nebraska.
There is a place that has 6:1 vernier drives for a 1/4" shaft  input
on each end, newly made in the USA and in stock for $11.50 each.
Go to their PARTS section and look up vernier drives. I know some 
people gang two of these together for a 36:1 reduction which 
would be close to what you are looking for. Then you would have to
figure out some way to couple the second shaft drive back up front
to turn the outer circumference dial marked 1-2-3-4 turns up to 36  turns.
Plus you would need to couple off the front center knob for the  actual
drive to the roller inductor and vacuum caps. Perhaps a small toothed 
belt drive off the front shaft would work here. I bet the  coupling could 
be done 
with a little ingenuity.
73 Todd WD4NGG
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