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[Amps] Pictures of number 1

Subject: [Amps] Pictures of number 1
From: Paul Decker <>
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009 13:29:43 +0000 (UTC)
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Here are some pictures of the work in progress.   It's not so pretty, but so 
far, everything inside is working.   There is still lots to do though. 

The underside, still quite a bit to do here with the input circuit. 

http :// JPG 

This is the control and metering section, I'm using a WS7D triode control 
board.  This section is almost done, you can see the filament transformer, 
monitor LED's , and control board.   There is also another low voltage 
transformer and rectifier for the switch mode supply.   Those large caps are 
3900 uF @ 400V caps which are fed by a 1000v piv 35A bridge rectifier to 
produce the DC for the switcher.  Also, step start and HV (well medium voltage) 
relays are installed.. 

http :// JPG 

This picture is an overall picture but shows the RF deck and tubes as well as 
the blower.  The guts of the HV switcher will go to the right (under in this 
pic since the amp is on it's side) of the blower.   The transformer next to the 
blower allows 220 v operation since the blower is only 115 and I didn't want to 
run another wire to support both 110 and 220 in the cabinet...and yes, I did 
figure out later I don't need that transformer that I could get 110 from the 
center tap of a 220 input.  Live and learn! 

http :// JPG 

So, HV and RF deck next. 

Thanks for all the help, I've got at least a few more questions to ask before 
it's all over! 

Paul (KG7HF) 
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