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Probably.  Every FL-2100B I've ever come across was a restoration project, 
either in the past, or currently, or in the making.  It's a knockoff of an 
SB-200, but Heath did a better job.


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HELP !!   Started a restoration by accident, was using amp on 75meters when
I heard a ping and wattage dropped off to about 200 watts, I immediately
shutdown the amp and unplugged it. Upon investigation found the doorknob cap
between the tubes had a piece missing.  The ping I heard was the broken
ceramic hitting the cooling fans.  I decided to inspect all the other
doorknob caps and found 6 had cracks.  I ordered and replace all doorknob
caps as well as the bleeder resistors.  Amp works ok on 75 meters (about 400
out) but presents a high swr on every other band.  Tried per band coil
alignment, but no joy.  Opened the access panel to tuned inputs and found a
rf choke looks like it may have flash/arced.  Am I right in my assumption
that I may have to replace mica caps and grid resistors as well as that
funky choke.  Need some experienced guys because I am no genius when it
comes to electronics.   Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.   Jay

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