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Re: [Amps] Eimac tube on the 'bay

To: "Gary Schafer" <>
Subject: Re: [Amps] Eimac tube on the 'bay
From: Alek Petkovic <>
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 17:38:32 +0800
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Yeah, those decks are well built.

Good luck with the transplant and the 156.

73, Alek

At 12:15 PM 13/10/2009, Gary Schafer wrote:
>Hi Alek,
>I also have one of the TMC IPA units that I took out the driver stages and
>ran a 8295A with a grid resistor for the input. I used a 100 ohm resistor in
>order to be able to drive the 8295 to full power.  Had that for many years.
>Recently took that tube and socket out and put in one of the 4CX1000A
>sockets that I got from you to test some tubes I had laying around.
>Now converting that amp to an 8877 GG. I thought about a GS35 but it is a
>little tall for the TMC chassis.
>Also going to put together a YC156 amp after this one is going.
>Gary  K4FMX
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> > No, the amp deck we are modifying is the driver amp or IPA from the
> > 10kW Technical Materiel Corporation, 10kW transmitters. The same
> > units can be seen in photos of the WWV site. We have,what used to be
> > a US Navy communications base here in Western Australia,located at
> > North West Cape. These units were used there and became surplus and a
> > heap of local hams were able to get hold of them. This was about 20
> > years ago and there a still quite a few floating around.
> >
> > The amplifier module uses a 6CL6 followed by a 6146W followed by the
> > 8295A. From memory, with that lineup, we used to run 100mW into the
> > front end and get our 1500W out at the tail end. It was of course a
> > real chore to change bands with that setup so we did away with the
> > first 2 stages and stuck 50 Ohm at the grid of the 8295A and so we
> > were able to feed in 100W and only have to do the output tuning when
> > we changed bands. The grid was biassed at -120V so with 100W drive
> > into the 50 Ohms, we never went into grid current.
> >
> > We, (my local club) decided to strip one of these units down (donated
> > by VK6JX) and just use the RF deck in a new enclosure and plonk a
> > GS35B into it. It is a works in progress and we hope to have it on
> > the operating desk by Christmas this year.
> >
> > That is why we have the tube, socket and chimney surplus. They are
> > now sold and will be heading to a new home in Florida this week.
> >
> > On the subject of the bigger tube, we are also stocked up with all
> > the parts necessary to build a YC156 amp. This will be for 80, 40 and
> > 20m only. This project will commence immediately after the GS35B is built.
> >
> > Cheers from soon to be sunny, Perth
> > Alek. VK6APK
> >
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